Storm was a big friendly girl: weighing in at a massive 7 stone she was a gentle giant. As is common with the breed, she was very intelligent, which you could tell just from looking in her eyes (you can also see me, Lily and Paul). Originally she was a rescue from a very bad breeder, who was trying to charge £1000 a puppy.  When they first saw her they said she was with a dead puppy from the same litter, and when they got her home she turned out to be very temperamental – no wonder why.

After saying “paw” I was given one of the biggest mitts I have ever felt.

On first sight I thought she was a Husky, and back then I thought I could tell the difference easily…But I was wrong. We had seen quite a few Alaskan Malamutes at The Hoe before, but they were darker and leaner males (see ‘related blog posts’ at the bottom), which I presumed was playing a big part in their differences in appearance. On the other hand she had a Husky/wolf-ish coloured coat, which I think through me off. When I spoke to owners Paul and Sonia they quickly explained an easy way to tell the difference between the two breeds: Malamutes have brown eyes.

Owners Paul & Sonia with Storm: The Alaskan Malamute

Lily wanted to take her home!

For a sense of scale, Lily is about 5′ 8″, and Paul was not a small guy.

At one point a young Labrador came over to investigate Storm, and while Storm went completely silly and playful, the Labrador was intimidated! At one point the Labrador let out a little yelp as he ran away from what I guess he thought was a threatening Storm. Apparently she has always loved Labradors, but hates Pugs: Sonia attributes that this may be because of their nasal breathing.

It turned out that the day I took these photos was actually the day before Storm’s old winter coat brushing session, and just minutes after she had come out of a river, so she was even fluffier than usual. Paul said that last time she was groomed a good pile of her fur was picked up by birds and taken away to their nests!

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