A little ramble

I started photographing my pets, the outdoors and dogs as soon as I had my first compact camera bought for me – by my dad I believe. It was a little Samsung, and although budget, it had a decent zoom, and could focus pretty close. I used that camera like I had never had something so useful, so exciting, in my hands. That would be over 13 years ago (typing this as of 2019). But now, we all have smartphones…

Photography has become truly ubiquitous. Most of the guests at weddings I have photographed at have a smartphone or tablet out, trying to get ‘that’ shot for the ‘gram. I would even argue there are legitimate smartphone photographers out there, those lucky few making a living off of instagram.

 I love my Huawei P20 Pro smartphone. It has 3 cameras, and one of them with a 40 megapixel image sensor (more megapixels than my main professional camera). The algorithms inside help salvage what the smaller images sensors and lenses struggle with, as as a result, it’s a brilliant camera to have on the go.

That’s why I’m including photographs from my phones on this website. It’s why I’m diversifying, and it’s also another reason why I think videography is more important now, more than ever before.