My background in Photography

I started photographing my pets and nature as soon as I had my first compact camera. That would be over 14 years ago (typing this as of 2020). 

I’ve worked as a freelance photographer onboard P&O and Cunard’s cruise ships.

I’ve photographed Spring, Summer and Winter Balls; for Medical Students, Dental students & Marines.

I studied photography at A-level, and have a Ba (Hons) degree in Photography from the University of Plymouth.


Personal Photographic Interests

My long term focus is on projects involved with nature and environment. I’m looking to create work that provokes a deeper regard for the natural world, conservation initiatives, or just awareness to worthwhile causes.

Over the years I’ve come to learn that photography is a brilliant form of freedom of expression: it can be an outlet for emotions, a distraction from worry, or a channel for creativity. For me photography is a way of following my intuition.

This Website

This website is  an outlet for my personal and commercial work; a creative hub if you like – excluding my weddings.

I have no expectations for it, and yet am open to every possibility. There might be gaps of months, or years, in updates and blog posts. But eventually, I promise, I will continue to update this website – in some shape or form.