This website is  an outlet for all my work  personal and commercial work.

Some Thoughts on photography…

Having been a photographer for over 10 years now, I’ve had my ups and downs with the medium. What I have learnt however, is that photography is a brilliant form of freedom of expression: it can be an outlet for emotions, a distraction from worry, or a channel for creativity. I’ve learnt that it’s a very personal thing.

 Studying photography no doubt had some benefits, but it also took away the essence that made it enjoyable. The same can be said for some past photography jobs.

I work part-time in Jessops – a photographic retailer in the UK.

I’ve found that the key for keeping photography (and videography) a favourite pastime, is to keep the projects and subjects in my control… For me photography is a way of following my intuition – this website acting as a creative hub.

I have no expectations for it, and yet am open to every possibility. Years ago I had a website and looked at it as part of a business venture, which was – in hindsight – the completely wrong way to look at it.

There might be gaps of months, or years, in updates and blog posts. But eventually, I promise, I will continue to update this website – in some shape or form.