Owens Roasters

‘Using an importer, we will build a relationship with the farm and find a home for all their coffees. We’re lucky we can take the cream of the crop. It’s important that the farmer sells all of their coffee. We will forward buy it, so the farmer knows he has sold it.

All of our coffees tend to be at least 85/100 on the quality grading system.

We will get a full palette every 3 weeks at the moment. We’re contracted for 1 ton of these types of coffee. The importer will keep the coffee in his warehouse and we’ll draw it off as we use it.’

Devon Coffee Company

– What goes into you ethical, organic and low impact coffee?

‘Our Coffee is 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee, fully traceable from bag to bush.’

– What is the route of import?

‘We always try to keep our chain of supply as short as possible. Typically, this would be

a grower or co-operative direct to our importer in the UK and then direct from port to our roasters.’