There will be 32,000 coffee shops in the UK by 2025 – by 2030 they will outnumber pubs.
The United Kingdom is the fifth – largest consumer market for coffee in Europe, consuming a total of 216 thousand tonnes (3.6 million 60-kg bags) in 2015.

The average retail selling price of coffee in the UK increased significantly in 2017. This was not only due to the continuous premiumisation of coffee in the UK as the “coffee culture” expands; currency fluctuations, caused by the Brexit vote, also saw the unit price of coffee increase.

The Government does not currently have a target for coffee cup recycling. It does have targets for paper and plastic recycling provided by the EU Waste Directive; the targets for 2020 are 69.5% and 51% respectively. It is unclear which category disposable coffee cups fall into. Whichever one it is, we are set to miss it without radical action of the type we recommend in this report. At present, there are no confirmed UK targets for paper or plastic after we leave the European Union.

The United Kingdom has the largest amount of Rainforest Alliance certified coffee retailers, coffee shops and brands in Europe.

The British coffee market grows around 10% yearly.