Personal Work


I’ve always been fascinated with nature and the environment, and because of this, photographing animals has always been a favourite past-time.

However, I’m really looking to create work to help the natural world and those connected to it – to bring real meaning to my photographic practice.

I have a few long term projects on the go focussing on this area: Time In Nature, and Coffee: One of Life’s Great Perks… But I also have other plans under the woodwork for 2019/20 – expect a lot more video work to come!

Commercial Work


I cover a wide range of photographic and video related services. Have a look at my portfolio to see past work, or my blog for the the latest (If I have managed to keep it up to date!).

I don’t really have any taboo areas in photography, so feel free to contact me for a bespoke quote, whatever service you may require. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know what I should be charging, so don’t expect me to be competing with uncle Sam and his DSLR.

    My main bread and butter:


    • Lifestyle portraits
    • Social media promotional material: content for instagram, be it photos of video.
    • Portraits – on location and in the studio
    • Black tye events
    • Short films
    • Product photography

    Additional to my services, I am able to offer:

    • Printing on site
    • Second-photographers ( in order to cover larger events – e.g: a ball).
    • Aerial Photography (via drones)
    • Canvases
    • Prints
    • Albums
    • Bespoke wall art

     I also have quite a few Instagram accounts, just for fun.